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We supply only the most advanced products in technology and design from the leading international manufacturers. That way we can guarantee quality and reliability every time.

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Tech-Quip Inc has seen a lot of changes affect the processing industry over the years – and we’re proud to have been there every step of the way.

Now celebrating our 50th anniversary, we have been supplying high quality measuring, flow management and analytical instruments to a variety of processing industries along the Gulf Coast since 1973. With every new generation of gauges, valves, flow meters and sampling instruments, our experienced sales personnel have helped customers find the best solution for their particular needs.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, and with offices in Baton Rouge, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, Lake Charles and New Orleans, Tech-Quip Inc is synonymous with quality, reliability and customer service. This is because we supply products from only leading manufacturers, all of whom are recognized for their excellence in innovation, design and quality.

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Sensor Sampling Basic Bottle Sampling System

BBSS The SENSOR Basic Bottle Sampling System
(BBSS) is designed for safe and reliable closed-loop
“grab” sampling of liquids at process pressures less
than 150 psig (10 bar). The SENSOR sample valve
is designed to operate under continuous flow via a
bypass or parallel line off the main process piping.
With inclusion of the optional Needle Evacuation
System (NES), the BBSS provides for for complete
removal of sampling residue from the ID of the
Process Needle, therefore preventing plugging and
cross-contamination between sampling operations.

Features and Benefits

• Highly customizable based on process conditions and
operator requirements
• Primary Flow-Thru Sample Valve features a side-ported needle
valve with packing below the threads; ensuring that the stem
will not seize due to process build up.
• Side-ported Vent Needle prevents plugging of vent port
• 316L standard material; other materials available
• Replaceable Process and Vent Needles
• Non-metallic bottle shroud protects operator in case of
shattered bottle
• Operation and Installation Manual for each system

Product Specifications

Materials of Construction
     Sample Loop 316L Stainless Steel
     Sample Valve 316L; 1/2” flow port
     Process Needle 316SS; .083” - .148” OD
     Vent Needle 316SS; .083” OD
     O-Ring Material Viton standard; optional Kalrez
     Seal Material Teflon
     Bottle Shroud PVC; 2 oz. - 32 oz.
     Retaining Strap Stainless Steel
     Mounting Plate Stainless Steel
Operating Pressure 150 psig maximum recommended pressure when sampling;
          sample valve and system rated to 2000 psig
Operating Temperature 135°F maximum without cooler;
            800°F maximum with cooler and graphoil valve packing
Optional Equipment
     SENSOR Needle
     Evacuation System (NES):  Includes check valve, regulator, rotameter, pressure gauge, and block valve
     Emissions Filter:  Canister with activated carbon for use when no vent to flare is available; also available with indication crystals which change color to indicate
saturated filter media
Isolation Valves Isolation valves on sample inlet & outlet to allow for easy serviceability
Sample Coolers For use when process temperature exceeds 135°F
Secondary Block Valve Complies with double-block safety requirements
Enclosures Stainless steel enclosures, available uninsulated or insulated and with steam
or electric heater elements; other enclosure materials available
Mounting 2” X 60” pipe stand, galvanized


Tech-Quip is your one-stop-shop for all your energy needs. Please tell us how we can help you.

Tech-Quip has been an exlusive representative, distributor, and reseller for indsutrial instrumentation in the gulf coast.  We supply only the most advanced products in technology and design from the leading international manufacturers. That way we can guarantee quality and reliability every time.  Over the last 50 years we have sold items from the following manufacturers and more: 3D Instruments, Advanced Instruments, AMI, Armstrong Veris, AS-Schneider, Asco Solenoid, Ashcroft, Autoflow, Autrol, Azbil, Brooks, Concoa, Dwyer, Foxboro, Headline, Intertec, ITT Neodyne, King, Krohne, M&C, Magnetrol, 961 Mettler, Metrix Vibration, Mid-West Instruments, Neon Controls, Orion Instruments, Parker Balston, Perma-Cal, Ronan, Sensor Sampling, Sentry Equipment, SOR Smart Sensors Inc, SOR Static O-Ring, Solon, Thermo Fisher Orion, Therm-Omega-Tech,TOT, Thermon, United Electric, Varec, Vortec, Wallace and Tiernan, and Wika A complete list of items we have sold previously.

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