High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments



The new, Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 2111XP sodium analyzer offers unmatched reliability in analyzing critical sample streams throughout the power/steam generation and industrial water industries. The Orion 2111XP is ideally suited to meet the demanding needs of high purity water measurements and high acid-cation exchange applications, all in one system and all from one of the most trusted names in sodium analysis.

  • Provides early warning detection of sodium
  • Features simple, step-by-step scrolling instruction
  • Offers measurements at a glance with visible backlit display
  • Limits calibration cycles with Orion sodium electrode technology
  • Minimizes of operator time and maintenance without use of complicated moving parts or pumps
  • Detects limit of 0.1ppb
  • Offers flexible application packages suited for continuous sodium monitoring in a wide variety of samples

Spec Sheet with Spare Parts list

2111LL Low Level Sodium 


Confidently perform silica analysis with the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 8030cX Silica Analyzer. Designed to provide accurate, effortless water analysis, the Orion 8030cX specializes in online measurement of reactive silica. Powered by advanced colorimetric technology, the Orion 8030cX delivers premium precision, greater productivity and enhanced durability. Supporting ultrapure and process water applications, the Orion 8030cX conveniently delivers precise, reliable measurement you can depend on. Unleash the possibilities and conquer the freedom of fast, confident decision making.

Confident Results

  • Low Detection Limit (0.5 ppb)
  • High Accuracy (≤1 ppb or 1% for range 0-500 ppb)
  • Patented Fluid Delivery & Quantification System
  • Reduced Phosphate Interferences

 Low Cost Ownership

  • 100 Days of Continuous Run Time (w/ 2L reagent and 15-minute measurement frequency)
  • Low Reagent Consumption (200 μL per measurement)
  • Separate Chemical Waste Collection (decreased disposal expenses)

 Easy to Use

  • Automated Calibration
  • Automated Validation & Verification
  • Color Touchscreen with Intuitive Interface

 Maximum Uptime

  • Automated Cleaning
  • Scheduled Measurements
  • Alert Notification System
  • Alarm System w/ Troubleshooting Guide
  • IP65 Certified (splash/ dust proof)

Spec Sheet with Spares

Orion 2120XP Calcium Hardness Analyzer

The Orion 2120XP provides early detection of breakthrough due to zeolite softening depletion – maximizing your process integrity while maintaining the best possible return on investment.

• Holds calibration up to 60 days between reagent changes
• Fast and most accurate calibration has you back online in minutes
• Long life sensor technology offers stability and high performance
• Simple operation and minimal maintenance required – no moving parts
• Repeatable and verifiable measurements at a glance using the large, user friendly display

Orion 2109XP Fluoride Analyzer

Maximize up-time and keep your plant in pristine operation with the versatility and performance of the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 2109XP Fluoride Analyzer. It offers accuracy, reliability and ease of use to best meet the demands of your fluoride analysis.


  • Uses a recognized EPA method for fluoride analysis using an ion selective electrode (ISE)
  • Eliminates problems with turbidity and suspended solids in samples
  • Provides true accuracy in measuring total fluoride, with a detection limit of 10ppb
  • Offers continuous fluoride monitoring in a wide variety of samples
  • Protects against over-fluoridation of samples with sensitive, selective, reliable and verifiable measurements
  • Provides early detection of fluoride
  • Limits unnecessary calibration cycles due to drift with superior Orion fluoride electrode technology
  • Minimizes operator time and maintenance without the use of complicated moving parts or pumps that often require frequent attention and expensive spare part expenditures

Orion™ 2118XP Oxygen Scavenger Analyzer

Oxygen scavenger detection of 0 ppb to 200 ppb hydrazine or 0 ppb to 1000 ppb ELIMIN-OX with the highest accuracy and precision available

• Continuous online measurement ensures real time information for optimum control of the oxygen scavenger feed pump without excessive operating costs
• Extremely easy to use while maximizing uptime – simple step-by-step scrolling instruction for setup, calibration, operation and diagnostics menus
• Measurements at a glance from any distance for even the lowest light conditions using the large operator friendly backlit display
• Fastest and most stable measurements, limiting unnecessary calibration cycles due to drift with superior Orion iodide electrode technology
• Minimize operator time and maintenance without use of complicated moving parts or pumps that often require frequent attention and expensive spare part expenditures
• Extend reagent consumption up to 2 months using our uniquely simple reagent addition design to condition the sample pH and suppress interfering ions for optimal measurement performance
• Advanced user interface with detailed calibration, measurement and diagnostic logs for early diagnostic and action level notification, configurable for your facility’s desired level of performance – all password protected if preferred
• Simple and fast user selectable calibration modes for precise 2 point calibration for ultimate accuracy or offline calibration for lab correlation to have your system back online with security and confidence
• Easy installation has your plant up and running in minutes – the Orion 2118XP is retrofitable to the Orion 1818A0 panel mounting footprint

Orion 2117XP Chloride Analyzer

Detect chloride in real time with accurate and reliable results using the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 2117XP Chloride Analyzer. Early detection of chloride ingress from feedwater helps your plant maintain the optimal balance of water purification and peace of mind.

  • Detection limit of 0.1ppm offers continuous chloride monitoring in wide variety of samples.
  • Protection against early breakthrough with sensitive, selective, reliable and verfiable measurements provides early detection of chloride in RO and boiler systems.
  • Fast and highly accurate calibration has you back online in minutes.
  • System holds calibration up to 60 days between reagent changes.
  • Long life solid state sensor technology offers stability and high performance.
  • Simple operation and no moving parts means only minimal maintenance is required.
  • Get repeatable and verifiable measurements at a glance using the large, user-friendly display.

Orion 2110XP Ammonia Analyzer

Reduce operational costs while producing the highest purity steam with the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 2110XP Ammonia Analyzer. This analyzer provides continuous, direct and precise measurements for the control and optimization of boiler ammonia levels.


  • Accurate detection allows precise ammonia control with confidence — maintain proper chemical feed levels without the guess work or excessive operating cost.
  • Stable and drift-free measurements with minimal maintenance eliminate the need for frequent calibrations, saving you time and money.
  • Repeatable and verifiable ammonia measurements using ammonia electrode technology for the highest level of performance available.
  • Designed for ammonia specificity, the unique chemistry provides unsurpassed results across a wide range without the pitfalls of pH and conductivity “bottom out effects.”
  • Step-by-step calibration process ensures a successful calibration the first time and every time.
  • Ammonia detection range of 0 to 10ppm provides direct, accurate and precise results.
  • Continuous online measurement ensures real-time information for optimum control of the ammonia feed without excessive operating costs.
  • Selective and sensitive for ammonia, our system surpasses the performance of other systems that have the limitations of pH and conductivity to track real-time boiler ammonia levels.

Orion ROSS pH Electrodes

Orion ROSS pH Electrodes Deliver Best-in-Class Performance Choose from a wide variety of Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ ROSS™ glass or epoxy body electrodes, such as: refillable, gel-filled, Sure-Flow™, Triode™, semi-micro, micro, flat bulb, spear tipped, and Ultra™ for extended warranty (18 months for gel / 24 months for refillable).  ROSS electrode connectors are also available to fit most titrators.

Save time and money while achieving fast, accurate measurements in a variety of samples. With minimal maintenance and a longer lifetime, the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ pHR Process ROSS™ Electrode offers superior performance, reliability and longevity for a variety of applications, including pure water.

 Pure Water Ross 2001C High Purity pH Electrode

Orion 2002SS and 2002CC Conductivity Cells

Get reliable, high performance conductivity measurements with the durable Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 2002SS and 2002CC Conductivity Cells.


  • The 2002SS 2-electrode conductivity cell is stainless steel with a cell constant of 0.1cm-1
  • Sensor features a low cell constant value and is designed to provide high accuracy in low conductivity, ultra pure water and pure water samples in a process environment
  • Built with 316 stainless steel, this high purity sensor provides months of accurate measurements with virutally no maintenance between calibrations


  • The 2002CC 4-electrode conductivity cell is an epoxy body sensor with a cell constant of 0.475cm-1
  • Sensor is ideal for high and standard conuctivity samples across a variety of industrial applications
  • Four-electrode design compensates for electrode fouling, cable and connector resistance or polarization errors
  • The epoxy/graphite cell material is extremly durable and chemically resistant

AquaPro Multi-Input Intelligent Process Analyzer

Get accurate, user-friendly in line monitoring with the Thermo Scientific AquaPro Multi-Input Intelligent Process Analyzer. This analyzer provides flexible monitoring for a wide range of applications for complex process operations worldwide, from power generation to municipal water and wastewater. 


  • Large color display

  • Up to four sensor inputs

  • Up to eight current outputs

  • Up to six alarm/control relays

  • Multiple digital communication protocols

  • Broad sensor compatibility

  • Seven user-selectable languages

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