High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
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Texas based Sampling Stations from SENSOR

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Basic Bottle Sampling Systems

The SENSOR Basic Bottle Sampling System (BBSS) is a closed-loop liquid grab sample system ideal for processes with pressure less than 150 psig and process temperature less than 135ºF. The sample is dispensed into the sample bottle by merely turning a valve. Process pressure forces the sample through the valve into the bottle. With the SENSOR Needle Evacuation System (NES), zero dead volume is ensured throughout the sample valve assembly by forcing out any vapor-locked liquid.


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Cylinder Sampling Systems

The SENSOR Liquified Gas Sampling System (LGSS) and Vapor Sampling System (VSS) are designed for safe and reliable closed-loop “grab” sampling of high vapor pressure liquids and vapors, or for any liquid process for which the operator desires to collect the sample in a sample cylinder. The LGSS and VSS are designed to operate under continuous flow via a bypass or parallel line off the main process piping. For Liquified Petroleum Gases (LPGs), the inclusion of a sight flow indicator allows for direct visual indication of safe cylinder outage.

Gas Sampling and Spot Testing

The Detector Tube Sampling System (DTSS) provides a safe and reliable means to not only collect gas samples for transport to the lab, but also allows for isolating the gas at atmospheric pressure to safely take detector tube spot samples in the field.

Heavy Products Sampling Systems

The SENSOR Heavy Products Sample System (HPSS) is designed to collect samples of hot, heavy products (such as resid, asphalt, hot tar, gas oil, resins, slurries, surfactants, and emulsions) while maintaining personnel safety.

Sample Heavy Products with Minimal Downtime

The HPSS comes with 3 standard features unique to SENSOR which include a removable cartridge valve, condensate-free steam flush assembly, and twist lock purge adapter.

Removable Cartridge Valve. This allows for separating the valve’s critical components from the sample line without removing the valve body and pipe spool from the process line in the event of required maintenance. The cartridge can simply be removed from the sample valve base and repaired or replaced with a new one, greatly reducing downtime.

Condensate-Free Steam Flush Assembly. This assembly utilizes a unique 3-way valve and steam trap to ensure that condensate-free steam is consistently available for purge operations. The steam purge clears any potential blockage from the sample path without disrupting the process flowing in the sample line.

Twist Lock Purge Adapter. Without the need for tools, an operator can easily install the twist lock purge adapter onto the dispensing tube and utilize steam to completely flush out the sample pathway to the drain of the enclosure. The steam flush is directed in a controlled manner without creating a mess on the inside of the enclosure or window from splatter.

Hydrofluoric (HF) Acid

The SENSOR Hydrofluoric Acid Sampling System (HFSS) allows samples to be collected safely from one of the most challenging and dangerous process media there is. Not only does HF require special materials of construction for corrosion resistance, but it is also incredibly toxic in small amounts and presents the potential for significant injury or worse. Collecting samples of HF acid requires a unique grab sampling system and professionals with a high degree of understanding of how to sample HF acid while maintaining safety in the alkylation unit.

The HFSS system is unique and custom designed for each application. It provides a safe and reliable means to collect and transport this media. These systems typically include a field unit, a lab unit, and a carrying case to safely transport the sample.

SENSOR has one of the most knowledgeable grab sampling teams assembled. Our subject matter experts have a deep understanding of not only this media, but other similarly challenging process media. With experience in designing, building, installing, and training of HF systems, we can help meet your specific requirements. Check out some of our sampling system customers.

Inline Sampling Systems

The SENSOR Inline Grab Sampling System (ISS) fits into a piping system without the need to utilize, or create, a pressure differential fast loop to take a sample. It can be designed to fit into virtually any diameter piping system and any flange configuration. The ISS uses a special long-body needle valve and can also be configured with a collection chamber.

SENSOR welds a specially designed sample valve into a spool piece matching your piping specification. The valve body can be fully purged to ensure zero dead volume by residual elimination. This purge eliminates any potential plugging issues and ensures process media is not vapor locked in the dispense tube.

Typical applications for the SENSOR ISS include hot oil, refinery “bottoms”, and residual oil. Our robust valve is fitted with graphoil packing for high-temperature applications. We heat trace any exposed areas to maintain adequate process temperature to allow for a free flowing sample. We enclose the valve and sample receptacle in a specially designed enclosure that can be fitted with an optional educator to exhaust harmful vapors to a safe location.

Pressure Isolating Bottle Sampling Systems

The SENSOR Pressure Isolating Basic Sampling System (PIBSS) is designed for safe and reliable closed-loop “grab” sampling of liquids at process pressures greater than 150 psig (X bar) or for any application for which the operator wishes to collect a repeatable volume of process liquids. The SENSOR sample valve is designed to operate under continuous flow via a bypass or parallel line off of the main process piping. The inclusion of a secondary isolation valve ensures that the sample container is not exposed to process pressure.

RAM Sampling Systems

The SENSOR RAM Sample System (RSS) is designed to attach directly to the side of a tank or pipeline without the need to utilize, or create, a pressure differential to take a sample. The RSS uses a Piston Type RAM Sample Valve, which works very well in high-viscosity or high-particulate applications that are prone to plugging. As the valve is rotated the piston draws back and allows the liquid to flow through to the sample port. When the Piston Ram Valve is rotated to close, it pushes back any remaining product to ensure no cross-contamination between samples and zero dead volume.

SENSOR RAM Sample System can be supplied with a flanged, threaded, or welded connection to mate up to existing piping. It can also be supplied with a piping spool to fit into an existing pipeline with either a threaded or flanged type of connection. The RAM Valve can be fully purged with the use of a purge adapter to eliminate any dead volume below the valve and eliminate potential plugging issues.

Typical applications for the SENSOR RSS include hot oil, refinery “bottoms”, hot asphalt, residual oil, and any other low vapor pressure hydrocarbons where a fast loop is not present or easily achievable. The RAM Sample Valve can be fitted with Teflon® or Graphoil packing to meet the requirements of most applications. We can heat trace any exposed areas to maintain adequate process temperature to ensure a free-flowing sample. We can enclose the RAM Sample Valve and sample receptacle in a specially designed enclosure for operator protection while sampling. The enclosure can also be fitted with an optional eductor to exhaust harmful vapors and smoke to a safe location if open-top container sampling is preferred.


The CONCENTRIC Needle design combines the function of the 2-needle or dual system in one concentric combination of two different-sized needles, one within the other. Process travels through the inner needle into the bottle and the displaced air and vapors from the bottle are vented back through the annulus between the two needles and plumbed to a safe area. The process vent is available in three sizes: .065”/.109”, .083”/.148”, and .109”/.203”.

When samples are collected from a chemical or refining process, capturing the VENT and moving it away from personnel is one of the most important safety functions of the system. Many of these chemicals are hazardous to operations personnel, which makes grab sampling a potentially hazardous task. Standard bottle systems from SENSOR utilize a process needle for filling the bottle and a separate needle for venting it. The needles, in combination with a bottle, cap, and membrane septum, provide for the “closed-loop” nature of the sample system.

Tank Farms

Sampling in tank farms can be challenging due to the absence of a fast loop, bringing fresh products to the sample point from multiple levels. Electricity and other utilities common in process units are nowhere to be found in tank farms.

The Tank Farm Sampling System (TFSS) utilizes a manual PUSH/PULL pump, flow totalizer, and our Basic Bottle Sample System (BBSS) flow-thru sample valve for circulating a representative stream through the sample station and back to the tank. The customer can collect samples in an open bottle, or outfit the system with a closed-loop needle system for protecting operators from hazardous vapors when present.

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