High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments

Veris Accelabar Flow Meter

The Accelabar is a new and unique flow meter that combines two differential pressure technologies to produce operating ranges never before attainable in a single flow meter. It is capable of generating high differential pressures for measuring gas, liquids and steam at turndowns tested up to 65:1 with no straight run requirements.

Veris Verabar - Averaging Pitot Tube

The Most Accurate and Reliable Technology for Measuring Gas, Liquid and Steam

Developed from aerospace technology, the Verabar averaging pitot flow sensor provides unsurpassed accuracy and reliability. With its solid one-piece construction and bullet shape, the Verabar makes flow measurement clog-free and precise.

The unique sensor shape reduces drag and flow induced vibration. And the location of the low pressure ports eliminates the potential for clogging and improves signal stability.


In-Line Vortex Flow Meter

Armstrong International is pleased to offer vortex technology for measurement of steam, liquid, and gas flows. All AVF in-line models provide multivariable measurement and mass flow output for applications in industrial and institutional environments.
The flow meter is available from ½” (15 mm) (DN 15) to 12” (300 mm) (DN 300) meter sizes handling process temps from -330°F (-200°C) to 750°F (400°C) and process connections up to ANSI Class 600 (PN 64).  Multivariable options include temperature, pressure, and velocity measurements for a fully compensated mass flow rate. Output communication is available via analog 4-20ma, HART™ protocol, Modbus, and BACnet™

Insertion Vortex Flow Meter

The AVI insertion models provide all the same multivariable measurement and mass flow output features as the AVF in-line model in a robust, welded design.
The AVI is available for pipe sizes 2” (50 mm) (DN 50) and above with either flanged or NPT process connections up to ANSI Class 600 (PN64). Optional retractor tool provides easy hot-tap installation and removal.

Venturi Tube Flow Meter

Venturi tubes have long been specified and used in a multitude of flow measurement applications. The versatility of measurable fluids, line sizes, and material of construction available to a Venturi tube flow meter has made it a highly recognized differential pressure flow element.  Armstrong offers classical style Venturi tubes – short form and long form – manufactured in accordance with
applicable ASME codes. Also available is the Halmi Venturi tube which features superior performance and design with shorter laying lengths and reduced cost.

Wedge Flow Meter

Accurate Measurement for Challenging Fluids
Armstrong’s Wedge Meter imparts all the benefits of differential pressure measurement in difficult fluid applications.
The meter can be used with high viscosity fluids, slurries, asphalt, tar-sands, fracking fluids, spent water, sludge,
bottoms flow, cement, or other contaminated or abrasive fluids.
Within the cylindrical meter body, an embedded wedge constricts flow and produces a differential pressure.
The subsequent measurement from the meter can be accurate to ±0.5% and ±0.2% repeatability. This includes
measurements throughout the operating range and low Reynolds numbers.

PTC-6 ASME Flow Nozzle

This flow nozzle provides high accuracy and precision required by ASME PTC-6 in steam turbine testing applications.
The assembly consists of a flow conditioner for added accuracy, a diffuser cone for reduced pressure loss, and either
a flanged or weld-in flow nozzle. Available in line sizes 4” to 24” with perforated plate or tube bundle flow conditioner,
flanged-in or weld-in end connections, and four integrally machined throat pressure taps that are precision-machined
and polished. Design standard ASME PTC-6 or ASME PTC 19.5.

Orifice Plates and Flanges

Orifice Plates are the most commonly used differential pressure measurement device and are applicable for measurements in
gases, clean liquids, and low velocity steam. Orifice plates allow for relatively easy installation and replacement if necessitated by
changes in process parameters or life cycle deterioration.  Armstrong supplies components for a typical orifice meter
installation including flange unions, gaskets, orifice plate, and appropriate pressure tap sets.

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