High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
High Quality Measuring, Flow Management and Analytical Instruments
  • Hydrogen Generators
  • PSA Nitrogen Generators
  • Parker Balston N2 Nitrogen Generators
  • Zero Air Generators
  • Membrane Air Dryers
  • CEM Air Generators
  • FT-IR Purge Gas Generators
  • NMR Gas Generators
  • TOC Gas Generators

Hydrogen Generators

Parker Balston® Hydrogen Generators eliminate the need for expensive, dangerous, high pressure cylinders of hydrogen in the laboratory. It is no longer necessary to interrupt important analyses to change cylinders. Generator flow capacities of up to 1200 cc/min. of ultra-high purity hydrogen are available. Parker Balston® Hydrogen Generators are compact benchtop instruments designed for use in the laboratory or in the field.

Parker Balston® Hydrogen Generators offer many special features to ensure safe and convenient operation. These features include low-water audible alarms to indicate when the water reservoir needs filling and automatic shutdown to protect expensive laboratory equipment.

Features & Benefits

Eliminate dangerous and expensive hydrogen gas cylinders from the laboratory
Produce a continuous or on-demand supply of 99.9995% to 99.99999+% pure hydrogen gas
Compact and reliable – one one square foot of bench space required
Designed to operate continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Certified for laboratory use by CSA, UL, IEC 1010, and CE Mark
Safe – produces only as much gas as you need

Fuel and carrier gas for GCs
Reaction gas for ELCDs
Reagent gas for AEDs

Zero Air Generators

Parker Balston® Zero Air Generators are complete systems with state-of-the-art, highly reliable components engineered for easy installation, operation, and long term performance. Parker Balston® Zero Air Generators are much easier to install than dangerous, high pressure gas cylinders, and only need to be installed once! All that is required is a standard compressed air line and an electrical outlet.

Parker Balston® Zero Air Generators are easy to operate, there is no complicated operating procedure to learn or any labor intensive monitoring required.

Features & Benefits
Produce UHP Zero Air from lab house compressed air supply
Increases the accuracy of analysis and reduces the cleaning requirement of the detector
Recommended and used by major GC and column manufacturers
Payback period of typically less than one year
Gas purity below 0.05ppm total hydrocarbon content (as methane)
Eliminates inconvenient and dangerous cylinders or air, breathing air, or zero air from the laboratory

Oxident/support gas for GC with FID, FPD, and NPD detectors
Support gas for Total Hydrocarbon Analyzers
Nebulizer and exhaust pump gas for LC/MS Instruments


Nitrogen Generator for LCMS with 60 lpm Flow Capacity

The Parker Balston NitroFlow 60 is a self contained generator that produces up to 60 slpm of pure LC/MS grade nitrogen at pressures of up to 110 psig. Nitrogen is produced utilizing a combination of scroll compressor and nitrogen membrane separation technologies. This combination of technologies yields the highest performing, most reliable and quiet integrated nitrogen generation system available.

The NitroFlow 60 is also available with an integrated membrane dryer for use with instruments that require dry air, including the chip cube interface from Agilent Technologies.

Features & Benefits
Complete “plug and play” system recommended for all major LC/MS instruments
Phthalate-free, no organic vapors
Produces a continuous supply of nitrogen for all LC/MS applications
Eliminates dangerous nitrogen cylinders from the laboratory

Nebulizer Gases for APCI and ESI
Jet Stream
I Funnel
Turbo Vaps
Chemical Solvent Evaporation


Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Parker Balston® Membrane Nitrogen Generators are designed to supply single or multiple LC/MS instruments with dry nitrogen at purities of 99% to 99.5%. The generator can also be used for solvent evaporation as well as supplying dry nitrogen to analytical instruments.

Low Flow Membrane N2 Generators                                
NitroFlow (includes compressor): 30 lpm nominal
NitroFlow 60: 60 lpm
N2-04: 4 slpm
N2-14, N2-14ANA: 14 slpm

Mid Flow Membrane N2 Generators
N22, N2-22ANA: 22 slpm
N2-35, N2-35ANA: 35 slpm

High Flow Membrane N2 Generators
N2-45, N2-45A: 45 slpm
N2-80, N2-80ANA: 80 slpm
N2-135, N2-135ANA: 135 slpm
NitroVap 1LV: 80 slpm
NitroVap 2LV: 160 slpm

Features & Benefits
LC/MS grade purity enhances instrument performance
Recommended, certified, tested, and used by all major LC/MS instrument manufacturers
Return on investment in 6 months to 2 years
No electricity required
Minimal maintenance required

Solvent Evaporation
Analytical instruments requiring nitrogen
Thermal Analyzers

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