• Terminal Automation
• Fuels Manager System Software
• Tank Gauges & Systems
• Radar, Servo & Mechanical
• Tank Vents & Flame Arrestors

Trust Varec for all aspects of tank farm instrumentation and automation covering design, integration, installation and servicing of gauging, data acquisition and control systems.

Varec Featured Product

Fuels Manager

Integrating Inventory Management, SCADA, Terminal Automation and Web-server Technology…

The Varec FuelsManager® suite of software solutions has been a longtime standard of major oil companies and defense organizations. In addition, FuelsManager Aviation is rapidly becoming the system of choice for the aviation industry.

Each edition, Standard, Professional or Enterprise provides all the usual features you have come to expect from the industry’s leading tank gauging, inventory control and automation software.

Tank Gauge Interfaces

Data acquisition, open systems architecture and host communications

Radar Tank Gauges

Level measurement of liquids in bulk storage tanks for custody transfer (±1 mm) and inventory control (±3 to 10 mm) applications

Float & Tape ATG and Transmitters

Servo Tank Gauges

Measurement of level, interface level, water bottom and density of liquids in bulk storage tanks

Tank Side Monitors and Displays

Convenient monitoring, integration and control of all tank sensors

Temperature and Water Bottom Sensors

Transmitters, spot and average temperature sensors and water bottom probes can be combined and configured for your specific requirements