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Thermon holds a unique position as the only international heat tracing company completely dedicated to its industry. Since 1954, Thermon has concentrated its efforts exclusively on heat tracing, the external application of heat to pipes, tanks and instrumentation.

Thermon Featured Product

Tube Trace ME Bundles

TubeTrace® instrument tubing and ThermoTube® pre-insulated tubing are available in a variety of con?gurations. Applications range from freeze protection and process temperature maintenance for instrument impulse lines, sample lines, and small diameter process lines.

TubeTrace electrically heated tubing bundles are available with the full line of Thermon electric heat tracing cables.

Custom tubing bundles are also available for CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems) and process analyzer applications for heated umbilicals.

ThermoTube pre-insulated tubing is utilized for steam supply, condensate return, or other unheated fluid or gas transport.

Custom CEMS and Analyzer Bundles

TubeTrace® Heated Instrument Tubing and Non-Heated Tubing Bundles – Your CEMS and Analyzer sample lines will be cost-effective and reliable with Thermon. Thermon’s flexible manufacturing process can include auxiliary conductors, non-heated tubes, factory installed temperature sensors, a variety of heat tracing options, special markings and identification as required.

316 and 304 stainless, welded or seamless, Monel, titanium, Alloy 825, and Alloy 20 are readily available.
Optional Electropolished (EP) finishes and chemical passivation (CP), (including SilcoSteel, Siltek/Sulfinert and SilcoNert coatings) 1 are also available.
Double containment tubing and/or multiple tube materials can be provided in a common bundle.
Fluoropolymer tubing (including PFA, TFE, and FEP), nylon, polyethylene, composite filament-wound tubing and most any other tubing material is also available.
Embedded Temperature Sensors To accurately sense temperatures in one or more locations, factory installed temperature sensors (RTD, Thermocouple, or Thermistor) with insulated leads rated 500°F (260°C) are available.

TubeTrace HTX Tubing Bundles

TubeTrace HTX is a pre-engineered electric traced tube bundle for steam sample lines and impulse lines to pressure transmitters. TubeTrace HTX will provide water freeze protection in ambient conditions down to -50°F (-45°C) with 25 mph (40 kph) wind conditions. HTX is suitable for superheat steam service temperatures up to 1100°F (593°C).

In the past, tubing subject to high temperature exposure was heat traced with series resistance mineral insulated (MI) heat trace. MI heaters are custom made to fit each application, so long lead times are often required. TubeTrace HTX solves this with Thermon parallel resistance HPT heat trace isolated from direct contact with high temperature tubing.

TubeTrace HTX bundles are designed to withstand continuous 1100°F (593°C) superheat steam temperature even when power is applied to the heat trace during ambient conditions of 40°F (5°C).