Manufacturers of the most reliable tempered water systems and automatic temperature control valves for fluid management

• Freeze, Scald Protection
• In-line, Ambient Temp Control
• Tempered Water Systems for Safety Showers
• Inst. & Analyzer Protection
• Electronically Modulated Position Control

Therm-Omega-Tech, Inc. is headquartered in Warminster, Pennsylvania. As a world leader in the design and manufacture of self-actuating temperature control valves for more than 25 years. We serve a multitude of industries and, as a result, our valves create solutions for a wide gamut of applications. Therm-Omega-Tech, Inc. has been the standard for the rail industry for over 25 years protecting billions of dollars of equipment every year.

ThermoOmegaTech Featured Product

Model: HAT/SP for Scald Protection

The HAT/SP valve continually senses and automatically bleeds excessively hot water from safety shower and eyewash systems. Protection is provided with minimal water consumption. The unique plug and seat design offers the most reliable, tight shutoff available. All HAT/SP valves are factory tested and covered by a 36 month prorated warranty.

Design Features:

  • HAT/SP-105 meets OSHA temperature guidelines
  • Stainless steel body, fittings, spring and plug
  • Corrosion resistant – Long service life
  • Narrow temperature band
  • Compact, low mass – Fast response
  • Ram-type plug for reliable tight shutoff
  • Downstream actuator for greater sensitivity
  • Sensitive to temperature only
  • Unaffected by pressure variations
  • Easy installation with pipe wrench
  • Installs in any orientation
  • Discharges the minimum amount of water required to keep water temperature within safe limits

Ambient Temperature Control

There are literally hundreds of applications for these compact, self-contained, automatic control valves. Ambient sensing valves can be used to turn on steam, air, gas or liquids compatible with Teflon® and stainless steel, in response to ambient temperature change. Applications include automation of steam trace lines, operation of pneumatically operated pumps for injection of antifreeze liquids, instrument enclosure control, etc. TV/SC-AR (reverse-acting) can be used to regulate the flow of glycol, water, or other cooling media or can automate cooling sprinklers, cooling baths, etc.

Therm-O-Mix® Station w/Brazed-Plate Heat Exchanger

When the shower or eyewash is activated, the pressure drop on a diaphragm opens the steam control valve (V-3). Water and steam flow are established instantly heating the water and condensing the steam. A mixing valve (V-1) then blends the heated water with cold water to produce an output of 85°F water. Additional valves keep the system preheated, freeze protected and scald protected. Steam valve remains closed should water supply be interrupted.

Instrument & Analyzer Protection

Intelligent Sensor Management reduces the installation, maintenance, and TV/SC-I valves (top left) will maintain enclosure temperature accurately over a wide range of ambient temperatures with steam supply pressures from 15 psig to 200 psig (1.0 to 13.8 BAR) without danger of overheating delicate instruments. No special NEMA-7 or -9 housings are required even in potentially explosive environments. Other direct and reverse acting models are available.