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Solon Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1949 by four Case Western Reserve University engineering graduates: Arnold Siedle, Red Ralston, Joel Carpenter, and Bob Ramsdell. Together, they shared a vision to bring innovation to Northeast Ohio in a post-war industrialism era. Today, Solon Manufacturing Co. continues to thrive on the ideals of its founders—our passion for our company and its stakeholders has led to successful growth initiatives through new products and services.

Solon Manufacturing Co. Featured Product

Industrial Pressure Switches

Pressure switches are depended on for safety devices, alarms, and as other control elements within the system. They control and monitor operating conditions and are critical in fluid or gas control. Pressure switches used in industrial applications need to be dependable, long-lasting, and accurate to maintain the operation of machinery and systems.

Pneumatic pressure switches from Solon Manufacturing Co. are built to last. We offer a full spectrum of industrial pressure switches in a variety of configurations designed to suit a wide range of applications. However simple or challenging your requirements, our application engineers are available to help you determine product suitability and select a model appropriate to your needs.

Many of Solon’s components are “off the shelf,” and we can combine a variety of switch functions to produce a highly specialized switch to meet your needs. Our industrial pressure switches can be shipped the same day.

Pneumatic Valve Actuators

A pneumatic actuator provides automation to a valve. This means that no human interaction is necessary to cycle the valve. In its most basic terms, an actuator is a control mechanism that is operated by an energy source. Within pneumatic actuators the pneumatic pressure moves the internal mechanical parts, which provides the hands-free automation.

S6 Gas Density Monitors

Portable SF6 Gas Density Monitors

SF6 density monitors provide reliable warnings against dangerously low gas levels, even in extreme environmental conditions.

Washer Products

Manufactured in the USA since 1949, Solon Belleville Springs and washers are highly configurable products that are used in conjunction with complementary hardware (bolts/studs and nuts) as well as other industrial components, such as gaskets and packing material to achieve an optimally tight connection where high spring loads are desired. Bolted joints loosen due to a variety of reasons. The loss of bolt preload is one of the most prevalent. Solon Belleville Springs and washers reduce bolted joint failures by maintaining the bolt preload. They are particularly useful where vibration, differential thermal expansion, relaxation and bolt creep and bolt yield are problematic.