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• Signal Conditioning – I/O
• Leak Detection
• Measurements
• Sequence of Events Recorders

Ronan Engineering Company, a privately held corporation, started business in May 1959 as Ronan Panel Company located at Orion Avenue in Van Nuys in a 2200 sq. ft. building. The main goal of the company was to manufacture instrument control panels for the petroleum, cement plant and power station business.

Continuous Level

Ronan’s Radiometric Continuous Level Measurement System utilizing the X96SI/R Transmitter accurately measures liquids or solids contained in a vessel, even in the most complex processes.

Radiometric Measurement provides a safe and efficient, non-contact method to measure liquids or solids in industries including:
– Mining and Aggregates
– Power
– Refining, Oil and Gas
– Chemical
– Metals
– Cement

The system can accurately measure process materials that are caustic or corrosive, abrasive or highly viscous, held at extreme temperatures or under high pressure, or contained in a vessel with an internal obstruction.

Data Sheet

Alarm Display

Ronan manufactured the first solid-state integrated circuit type annunciator on the market, assuring virtually unlimited system life and ever since then, Ronan has continued on as a leader in alarm display systems.

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Leak Detection

High accuracy level sensors with proprietary software allow continuous real time leak detection and high accuracy for custody transfer and inventory management.

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Ronan Measurements Division supplies the process control industry with leading-edge Radiometric Measurement Systems that provide non-contact measurement solutions for the harshest environments. We are the only company exclusively dedicated to manufacturing Radiometric Measurement systems. Everything we do is focused on helping you solve your most complex process measurement challenges.

Ronan offers the widest variety of Source Holder and Detector configurations on the market, including Source and Source Holders to meet every need, Detectors configurable to any shape or length, and a Transmitter that is compatible with all configurations and can be customized for special applications. With a philosophy of designing new products to be backward compatible, our customers have the confidence of an installed base of thousands of systems.

Radiometric Measurement, also called “nuclear measurement”, is a safe and effective, non-contact method to measure liquids or solids in harsh process environments.

Applications include:
• Continuous Level
• Point Level
• Interface Level/Density
• Density, Mass Flow
• Continuous Weight Measurement

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Ronan Density systems are mounted externally to the pipe via brackets, or internally in dry wells, and can be installed while the process is running. The instruments have no wetted parts and are ideal for liquid processes where traditional contact technologies cannot be used.

Measurement Not Affected By:

  • Internal Obstructions
  • Extreme Process Temperatures
  • Caustic Products
  • Slurries
  • Violent Product Flow
  • Sterile Process
  • Changing Process


  • Mounts External to Existing Pipes with No By-Pass Lines
  • Display in Customer-Specified Units
  • Most Applications Utilize Low Energy Sources
  • Push Button to Calibrate
  • Empty Pipe Monitor


Density System Brochure
Density System Brochure
X96S Density Gauge IO Manual
X96S Density Gauge IO Manual