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Established in 1974, Precision Digital Corporation is a manufacturer of a comprehensive line of digital display and control instrumentation utilized primarily in industrial processes worldwide. Our corporate office is located in Holliston, MA where we design and manufacture products to exacting standards.

Precision Digital’s motto is “Simplified information where and how you want it”. Our products include: line- & loop-powered indicators & rate/totalizers, scanners & annunciators, temperature indicators and controllers, digital pressure gauges, Modbus® meter, large display indicators, and multi-channel controllers. PDC’s products are used mostly in flow, level, pressure, and temperature applications and are packaged for panel, field, and surface mounting.

Precision Digital Featured Product

Meet the ProVu Family of Meters

ProVu digital panel meters are full-featured, high end, meters that represent the continuum of 34 years of development by Precision Digital Corporation. The ProVu joins the Sabre and Trident as the most powerful member of Precision Digitals 1/8 DIN meter family. With these products, we offer a complete range of meters for all price and performance applications.

One of the most important things that the ProVu does for our “New Generation” of products is that it makes available 2 or 4 relays with 4-20 mA output. In fact, with the expansion module, the ProVu can control up to eight relays! The dual-display provides more information, and makes it easy to program.

Trident Series Process and Temperature Meter

The Model PD765 Trident Process and Temperature Meter is one of the most versatile digital panel meters on the market and will satisfy a wide variety of applications. The Trident can be field programmed to accept process voltage (0-5 V, 1-5 V, etc), current (4-20 mA), 100 Ohm RTDs, and the four most common thermocouples. It is housed in a shallow-depth, 1/8 DIN enclosure that features a NEMA 4X front panel and convenient mounting hardware. There are two power options for the Trident: 85 to 265 VAC or 12-36 VDC and it can provide 24 VDC to power the transmitter if needed. Programming and setup can be performed with the four front panel pushbuttons, free MeterView® software, or using the Copy function.

The display height on the standard Trident meter is 0.56” (14.2 mm) and on the Trident X2 the display height is an astounding 1.2” (30.5 mm). The Trident X2 can be read easily from distances up to 30 feet! Both meters are available with all Trident features.

PD683 - PD688 Loop-Powered Indicators

There’s nothing stripped down or bare bones about these loop-powered indicators; they’re designed for demanding process control applications. Standard features include a full 5-digit backlit display with bargraph, on-screen custom engineering units, and max/min display capabilities. There are two models available: the PD683 is for general-purpose applications and the PD688 is for hazardous area applications.

Even with all the features packed into these digital panel meters, they’re still easy to setup and get running. Everything is programmed from the front panel buttons with no pots or jumpers to deal with. In fact, these indicators can be scaled without a signal source for even quicker setup.

ProtEX Series Explosion Proof Meters

The ProtEX Series of explosion-proof meters brings modern design, easy readability, and enhanced functionality to hazardous areas around the world. These explosion-proof displays and controllers have worldwide hazardous area approvals including FM, CSA, ATEX, and IECEX. They are built with custom, modern, and smooth, die-cast aluminum enclosures; and many come with Safe-Touch through-glass buttons that make it possible to program the meters without having to remove the cover. The built-in mounting flanges, multiple conduit holes, and rotatable display make it easy to install and setup in the field wherever operators need a information packed, easy to read display. The ProtEX Series features large a variety of display options; from the dual-line LED, full-featured ProtEX-MAX PD8 to the information packed loop-powered or battery powered LCD models. All ProtEX models are designed for wide angle viewing angles and varied lighting conditions. The NEMA 4X IP68 explosion-proof aluminum enclosure provides serious protection from the elements, impact, and corrosion. The world-wide full product approvals means they can be installed virtually anywhere. The ProtEX series has a solution for almost any process application including flow display and metering, batch control, level indication, temperature monitoring, Modbus® scanners, and more.