3D Instruments

3D Instruments manufactures the original direct drive pressure gauge in test gauge and process gauge accuracies.

• (Gearless) Pressure Gauges
• Precision Test Gauges
• Digital Test/Process Gauges
• Hand Pumps
• Handheld Pressure Calibrators

3D and Sierra Precision Gauges are manufactured with a difference for your most rugged and demanding applications! Process or Test, Digital, or mechanical, 3D brings the same standard of quality and excellence to the entire product line. We have made the best pressure monitoring instrumentation available for the past 36 years. We offer pressure gauges, pressure gauge accessories, OEM pressure gauges and pressure calibrators to name a few of our products.

3D Instruments Featured Product

Series 34 direct drive test and process gauges

The Series 34 Accu-Drive process gauges represents the next generation of Direct Drive Pressure Gauges. It incorporates the 3D Instruments signature “Direct Drive Difference” Inconel helical bourdon tube system. The “direct drive” concept couples the bourdon tube directly to the shaft-pointer, thereby streamlining the design and reducing the number of moving parts from approximately twelve down to one!! Thirty years of industrial application have proven that this design is vastly superior to the C-bourdon tube and movement system incorporated in other pressure gauges…especially for vibration and pulsation!!

In many severe service applications, the C-bourdon containing pressure gauges are filled with silicone to both dampen needle movement as well as lubricate their metal movements to extend service life. Besides adding additional cost to the price of the pressure gauge, the case fill liquid causes other operational difficulties…dial discoloration and potential shift of calibration just to mention two of them..

Digital Pressure Gauge Products

Digital pressure gauge products including the new digital test gauge, our versatile Star digital pressure calibrator, low pressure gauge, precision test pressure gauge, hand held pressure generator, portable pressure calibration test kit, pressure volume controller and filled system temperature gauge along with other products and accessories.

Direct Drive Technology

The Accu-Cal Plus Digital Test Gauge from 3D Instruments incorporates the ultimate in pressure measurement technology to address the calibration requirements of current process monitoring and control instrumentation. The Accu-Cal Plus combines the accuracy of digital technology with the simplicity of an analog gauge and achieves performance, ease-of-use and a feature set unmatched in the pressure measurement world!

Long Life Over Pressure Protection

Users of direct drive technology replace their pressure gauges less frequently because the single sensing element protects the gauge from over pressure. In fact, direct drive gauges are designed with 150% over-pressure protection to maintain accuracy and reliability in the event of over pressure. Unlike the first generation “C-type” gauges, which have a ratchet mechanism that cannot withstand over pressure, the elastic helical Bourdon tube automatically absorbs the over pressure. In the end, the heat-treated element has an internal memory and automatically returns to its original accurate setting